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Nope, not talking about the old MTV series where the music star would play acoustic in front of a live audience. Just about the summer break in general. This is has been really nice having virtually an entire month in between classes. It's a great way to relax with the family because this summer will be different from any other summer. My personal concern is getting back into the swing of things quickly mentally and physically. Because I've already been warned about the summer. It's supposed to be intense! We're going to cover 2 classes in June and 2 classes in July. A lot of material in a short period of time!

I know it can be done, I'm not worried about that. I didn't come this far right? We're getting closer to the finish line. The date has been set, Friday, December 13th. Yes... Friday the 13th lol I know but I believe that the Nutcracker is that Saturday which is the reasoning for pushing commencement to Friday. Oh well, I'm thankful anyway. Right now, I'm ready to work still but I still have another week and a half before we officially get going with the summer term. Until then, I'll try to stay unplugged and let my brain rest.

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