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Can using the TPACK structure be the Z-Pak for curing an instructors technology needs? I’ve been learning about TPACK this spring and I became interested in how it works even though we didn’t have a major assignment. I also noticed that it is compared to SAMR at times. So, what is TPACK? It’s a framework or model that helps instructors and learners combine Technology, Pedagogical and Content knowledges together to help increase interest, motivation, and learning in any course. How is this different from SAMR? Well, SAMR follows in a certain order with only 4 ways to change or manipulate the technology while TPACK can have endless ways to change or manipulate the technology. The T in TPACK alone could be substituting or Augmenting a project. I gravitated toward that TPACK model because it simply starts with technology and in everything that I do at work today in IT, I’m always thinking how can I incorporate technology? In a lot of cases at work, even though I’m the IT guy, I’m relied or asked upon about ways to use technology with their current or upcoming courses. It’s kind of makes me an unofficial ID when I’m the IT guy or the SME. It’s one of the reasons why I gained an interest in becoming an ID. Of course, the technology portion or TK is only part of the TPACK, and the instructors help to supply the CK or PK or PC 😊. These ideas and questions primarily come from “while I got you” or “have you ever looked at…” type questions so these are truly unofficial questions and they really SHOULD be scheduling time with our awesome ID’s here but I do enjoy trying to help in any way possible. There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to incorporating technology into your classroom such as access, money, and the topic of discussion here is Knowledge. Looking at the diagram below I feel that TPACK carries far more flexibility than SAMR and there’s a possible blend in every direction. Overall, I would like to dive into TPACK more in the future whenever I make the move from IT to ID 😊

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