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The Kinesthetic Learner

Is what I feel that I am... during the Jan Term, we took the VARK Modalities assessment and wrote about what are results were.

My VARK scores were the following: Visual – 6, Aural – 8, Read/Write – 6, Kinesthetic – 10.

From what I discovered is that I scored the highest on Kinesthetic learning. This was actually surprising because I thought for sure that I was a stronger Aural and visual learner but the more I thought about the actual scores and learning more about kinesthetic learning, it actually made perfect sense. I've always been a "trial and error" or "practice makes perfect" type person which fits with this style of learning. So over the past few months, I've tried to utilize some of the techniques that are best suited for Kinesthetic learning. When learning new software I would practice as much as possible in order to learn the necessary steps. I have used the steps as a reminder and relate them to previous experiences in software which is one thing that we often do in the IT world. I try to relate learning about things to real-life experiences as this serves as a useful memorization tool later on.

With my latest project on "How to Use WebEx", I created what is primarily a software simulation tool which gives the learner the opportunity to "practice" the WebEx software before going live in any setting. I hope that this can prove to be helpful for the learner to see what they will encounter and then put it into practice later on. Overall, I'm excited and I will post it here on a later blog!

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