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The Davis Decade

Yesterday marked my 10th anniversary to my wonderful wife, Sammye. It's truly a blessing to be married to such a wonderful person and partner. 2009 was a special year and we're coming up on the 10 year anniversary of other things as well here. Other than our marriage, I moved to Birmingham from LaGrange, GA about 10 years ago now. I started working at Samford in October of 2009 so this October will be 10 years. We also moved into a house in November as well. 2009 was a year of transitions. I will also turn 40 in November as well!

#DavisGang #DavisDecade

With all of that said, its time to move on to new horizons. I feel that I'm more engaged then ever while taking Instructional Designer courses and this has been a great awakening for me in terms of my experience and career. I hope that finishing the program will open new doors for me in the near future. This summer semester has been challenging but I feel that it was the challenge that I needed. I look forward to the weekly assignments as long as I am setting aside enough time to complete everything! And lastly, December 13th can't get here soon enough!!

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