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Storyboards - ID's Blueprint

During Samford's spring break I knew that this semesters storyboard would pose more of a challenge because this time around we're working on a 15 minute project versus a two minute project. This storyboard felt different to me since it was based on software simulation and that it's more interactive. I used a different style of template as well to show more of the actual screenshot.

I really appreciated the advice of starting "small" when beginning the entire process and working on only one part at a time. For example, I worked on getting all of the screen shots at first and focusing only on the images for the storyboard. After that, I started writing would would be either the narration and on-screen text. Then I started working on the descriptive text and what the animation would display. Starting small and working section by section gave me the confidence needed to keep going. It was also great to have guidance from my instructor as well. I learned that a lot of narration is not always the best way to go in terms of explaining software and demonstrating software as well. During software simulation on-screen text is usually the best medicine for guiding a learner.

Learning the ADDIE model, I learned about evaluation and two types of evaluation, formative and summative. Formative evaluation is the evaluation throughout the entire course. For me, it look at it as that we are always evaluating. Throughout this entire process, there is always evaluating with every project and assignment. There is always double-checking and revising. There is a sense of satisfaction after completing a storyboard. It feels good to know that you've designed a proper blueprint for your project and it makes you eager to get started. Now it's time for a Pilot!

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