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Storyboards and Sports

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Here's another sports reference but this one is about storyboards. When I used to play basketball, I remember our head coach would sit there and draw outplays and strategies for us on a clipboard. Coaches would prepare plays in a scouting report for us before each game and practice. With that said you could look at coach as someone who creates a storyboard. Storyboards are a great way to prepare and plot for your next step for your entire production. This was the first story board that I've ever created and though it took a lot of time I was grateful for having this type of preparation because I know it will be easy to make the video. I hope that this is something that I can use in the future. A storyboard is a great way to eliminate any errors that you may run into if you were going directly into a recording. My storyboard is posted below hope that you enjoy and look for my video soon.

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