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Open Source Software and Creative Commons

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Talking about my past and present experiences with open source software can last all day but I will only name a few :) I’ve used OpenOffice in the past which is an open-source alternative to the Microsoft Office suite. I’ve used software for other purposes like the operating system Ubuntu, Firefox for web browsing, VLC for playing DVDs on Windows 10 computer and Gimp for manipulating programs. I've also used Audacity for editing audio files and creating mp3's from sounds and voices. I've helped set up and install many open source software for faculty and staff here as well. Personally, I'm a droid fan(but I own an iphone at the moment). The Android operating system is another example of an open source operating system that is used every day. Handbrake is another good software tool to convert videos to mp4 and convert DVD's as well.

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