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Mobile Order over Drive-thru

I consider myself a patient person, especially when dealing with matters at work but I probably have less patience when sitting in the drive-thru lane of a coffee shop or fast food restaurant. About a year ago, I started drinking Starbucks on a daily basis and began to grow tired of the long lines in the morning when I'm trying to get coffee quickly and go to work. My next step was to go inside and order instead of that too took a while even though it was a little quicker than the drive-thru. Now, I always order using the mobile app to save time. I typically order about 5-10 minutes before arriving there so its ready as soon as I walk in or it's sitting there ready. So since I've been using the mobile order, I've started using the mobile app for some of my favorite restaurants. There's a lot of benefits to using a mobile app. You get ahead of the drive-thru and inside line when you order ahead. Of course, you're in the "mobile order" queue and some places are not the most equipped to handle drive-thru, inside and mobile orders efficiently but to me its worth it to get ahead of the indoors and outdoor lines. Plus mobile apps and accounts always have other perks as far as earning points, discounts and sometimes free stuff. You can earn stars with Starbucks and earn free drinks every 125 points, plus free drinks on your birthday and other discounts and games throughout the year. Though Chick-fil-a is usually fast for me where I live, I still use the app to order because you earn free stuff periodically and its still quicker if you order ahead of time. I always use the app for McDonald's which is generally slow for me and I'd like to get ahead of anyone if possible. When it comes to stores I use the appropriate app when applicable. At Sam's club, I had the experience and enjoyment of scanning the products with my phone and paying through the app without even getting in a line. Overall, I would recommend using mobile apps over going through a drive-thru not only because it can save time but you can save money based on the perks of account offers and discounts. If you look at the picture on the cover, you can see that it's not so hard to park and go in to pick up a mobile order. You'll save time by doing this. However, there is curbside ordering for places like Chick-fil-a and Walmart so you're welcome to take advantage of this as well.

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