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Merry Techmas!

Around this time I tend to get a little festive and based on my profession I like to come up with Technology theme Christmas decorations. I enjoy putting lights up on and around the House and decorating the Christmas tree with the family. At work, I take on a different persona as the "Tech guy" so I feel the need to come up with at least some tech decorations for the Holidays. I was given a small tree for my office a couple of years ago and I didn't have any ornaments so I put up some old computer parts and cables as decoration. I cut a CD into a star to add a nice touch. See below :)

Notice the cable "tree skirt" at the bottom.

For the wearable decoration, I have probably become known as the guy that wears "tech" sweaters. What makes it a "tech" sweater? The addition of lights and either an iPad or phone. The first sweater below was from a 2016 Tacky Sweater party at work...

First "Tech Sweater" dressed as the "Night Sky"

The theme for the sweater above was the night sky. I took an iPad and but a place for the iPad to be taped against my sweater and created a revolving PowerPoint that looped various videos such as a Christmas tree, Santa, etc. The phone to the left above was used in synchronization with the iPad so if there was a Christmas tree sitting outside then you would see the moon with possibly Santa flying by. It was a big hit BUT I actually didn't win anything. I believe I was judged improperly but the judge who will remain nameless :)

The next sweater was from the same Tacky Sweater party from 2017. I had more success this time and actually won an award...

Award winning Fireplace tech sweater

Now, I was working on this sweater and discovered that this sweater concept already existed :( so I decided to add a few things that would make it a little different. I used two phones as one was for the fire and the other was for the TV placed above the fireplace. At my house, this setting is very accurate as we have an alcove with a TV inside of it(I hate alcoves because it's deep and hinders your ability to put a larger TV in place). I found a fireplace noise and video on a white-noise app that I used to use for my daughter when she would sleep at night. On the TV, I downloaded a couple of Christmas classics friendly enough for work such as the Grinch and Charlie Brown Christmas looped them repeatedly. I found an actual wood frame that looked like a fireplace mantle and I was given the lights to wear as a necklace. I had fun creating this sweater and was thankful for the award, (should have won in 2016) but very thankful nonetheless. The Tacky sweater contest was canceled this year due to some lack of interest but hopefully, my neighbors will continue to host their tacky sweater party.

Still sits in my office today

Happy Holidays


IDTE 556

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