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Made it to March

At work after checking emails and going through my routine checks of the systems in the building and fielding any questions that may come up, I will usually take a stroll around the floors where all of the offices are located. I do this to answer any additional questions that someone may have as I walk by. Plus, it's good to get up and move around periodically. I don't have one of those standing desks but I want one. I've had a few Nursing instructors inform me that "sitting is the new smoking" and there are apparently many harmful effects made to your body when sitting for long periods of time. I also like to walk around to briefly chat as well about various things. I have a "college football" friend and an "all things NBA" guy that I talk to a lot. I also have conversations about work as well and how the faculty is doing in general. One instructor was excited about the start of March and how fast the school year has progressed. He mentioned to me that he always tells his students are the start of the school year in August and again in January that they should not think about getting to May but they should think about getting to March. Once you've made it to March and you're doing OK in the class then you'll usually make it to May. Now, I'm sure that this is not the case in every course and it varies between departments but it stuck with me through the day. This year has been tough personally for me so far so I'm thankful to now make it to March. I feel that I'm starting to hit my stride and grasp all of the content in both courses. I'm like Captivate more and more and I think that it will soon become my favorite program! I've learned that I'm a Kinetic learner so once I've really memorized all of the important locations than I think that I'll ready to expand my Captivate game to the next level. March is one of my favorite months for other reasons as well. I'm a basketball fan and March Madness is almost here with the NCAA tournament. And I'm a runner which is one of the best months for running as the weather begins to warm up. There are many reasons to enjoy March including spring break which will be a good opportunity for me to catch or up work ahead. Overall, I'm just thankful for the opportunities that are ahead in this month of March.

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