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Live Training Means Live Practice

As an IT manager, we are looked upon to not just fix problems and technical issues but we're also relied on to show students, faculty and staff how to use certain programs and devices. We're not necessarily required to give training on certain software but we often feel the need to train the faculty and certain items and initially train the students on certain aspects as well. I have a checklist that I used whenever I encounter a new employee because a new hire requires assistance with their Samford issue device and just how things run around their area. I consider that light training but over the past couple of weeks I had the opportunity to train more in depth with WebEx.

WebEx, of course, is the software that I'm using for the Captivate project and the video project in Instructional Design I. WebEx, is essential to our faculty and staff in the school of Pharmacy and other schools. I had the fortune of setting up much needed training sessions with the school of Pharmacy. This was a great opportunity to get an idea of what the faculty really learned from and grasped during the training. Though the live training is different from software simulation, it further helps you to set up a software simulation. So for me, the in person training was a like a live practice for the final projects in both spring courses. Even though this is not my official "Pilot" I feel that this is like a "Pre-Pilot" while I'm working in this Implementation phase. Or maybe its the "First Pilot"? If you think about it, I'm revealing the course to a small group(Pharmacy), in small doses, before I reveal it to the entire group(CHS). And Now I'm working on the official Pilot for the assignment. I'm also evaluating the first "unofficial" pilot of live training so I'm also in between the "I" and the "E" of ADDIE. Which makes sense to me because I'm always evaluating. Overall, I'm thankful for the live training opportunities and I feel more comfortable. I'm looking forward to some more opportunities to training the faculty, staff or students. Maybe ARC is next? We'll see :)

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