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Like a Boss...

So the 2nd half of the Summer term is here... and I'm tired already :) I'm hoping that I can gather some strength after the 4th of July vacation and family reunion. We have two interesting classes and one of them is Organizational Leadership. This is new to me but very interesting indeed. In this class, and in certain assignments that I can see already. We're essentially playing the role of a boss. Now, I'm technically a manager and I've had some student workers that I was in charge of but I've never been in charge of full time employees or a boss at that matter. I believe that this course will be a great way to learn and come up with my ideas of how a company should be run. I'm working on a motivational plan as we speak and it does feel pretty cool to pretend that you're running a business. I can see myself in the meeting room trying to galvanize the group in front of me. We're getting to learn about many other companies and how differently things are run from the standard traditional 9-5pm company. It helps the employees when they're given options and flexibility. They will tend to enjoy their job more when this is done. I'm sure that you already know how differently things are done at places like Google of course. Feedback and transparency from your boss is another key measure when working with others. It helps your employees to remain engaged and feel important when their boss is willing to learn from them as well. It doesn't always have to be "my way, or the highway". The link to my workings are below for the motivation plan (fictitious company), wouldn't you want to work there?

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