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Hello?! You're a student now!

Something funny happened this afternoon. My classmates were discussing an Honor Society event coming up in April and I was thinking to myself, what Honor Society? Do I know about this? Well, I looking back at my emails today I slowly realized that I DID receive an email about the Honor Society! I apparently looked at the email very briefly and moved on to the next thing. Why? Because I thought it was either spam or the wrong person :) Why? Because I rarely get emails like this and I tend to have emails that I look over especially if its from someone unfamiliar. I'm used to getting work emails or anything IT related. So I'm needing to do a better job of recognizing ID and Education emails as well. Plus, looking back a few blogs, you can understand my sensitivity to disregard anything that doesn't look like a normal technology email but I'll need to scan some of the emails a little closer next time. But thanks to my colleagues for mentioning the email. Needless to say we're enjoying the semester and progressing well!

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