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Hammer the SAMR

I just recently finished my SAMR project in IDTE 551 in which we took an old PowerPoint lesson and we use the S or A out of SAMR to complete the project. SAMR stands for Substitute, Augment, Modify and Redefine. It's a model that teachers use to evaluate how they incorporate technology into their classroom. This becomes critical as technology has improved over the years. Even though we're learning all about ADDIE, its interesting to learn about so many other models and techniques in the ID world. I took interest in this project but it did come with some challenges. First, I was able to find an old PowerPoint about Basketball and the history of basketball. If you're a basketball fan you would quickly understand that a simple PowerPoint with a few pictures and bullet points does NOT do this sport justice. I quickly started to find some videos and put together something through Camtasia(my favorite video editing program). The problem that I ran into is that I wanted to do too much. We were only supposed to substitute or augment the information from the PowerPoint but using different technology. However, I wanted to modify or redefine the whole project! I was able to contain myself and put together a video with video demonstrations of basketball, the rules, the origin, etc. To add some interactivity I tested out Articulate 360 storyline. I really enjoyed using this Articulate 360 which was new to me but I like how the assignment turned out. I learned that I do at times try to do too much when I really just need to complete the assignment. I think that I was getting caught up in wanting to add something awesome to improve my portfolio as well. I'm sure that in the future when I become an ID there will be times that I want to go above and beyond and I'll actually need to just finish the job. The link the project is below. Hope that you enjoy!

The original lesson - Dropbox link to the powerpoint.

Augmented Lesson

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