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Goodbye Moodle

This is a farewell reflection to using Moodle for a remaining couple of weeks. At Samford, they will fully transition to Canvas for those who have yet to transfer over to Canvas. Moodle will officially be shut down on December 31st, 2018 as planned. We started using Moodle around 2012 I believe so it's been a good six years. In my opinion, I really enjoyed moving to Moodle as before that, we were using Blackboard web/CT which I was NOT a fan of. Moodle was open source but it did have various flaws. Moodle was a big improvement from Blackboard as it was hosted by another location which helped us in the reduction of issues compared to Blackboard. It was fairly easy to integrate with different apps such as Kaltura Media and 3rd party vendors such as Remote Proctor. The ease of dragging items from one area to another was excellent and it felt simple to add pictures and embed objects to a degree to your course. One advantage to me that Moodle has over Canvas is its ability to set up groups and groupings within certain objects. It is easier to set up and restrict access to certain modules, pages and individual items such as assignments, tests, and videos.

Moodle, of course, had some disadvantages in certain areas that either myself or faculty can agree with. The grade book from what I hear was very frustrating and hard to configure. My biggest annoyance was with exams and the fact that you have to click next on a page in order to save your progress which leads many faculties to reduce their exams to 1 question per page. Unfortunately, testing wirelessly can cause more issues when you have more pages to click on. Luckily, we're using Examsoft nowadays so wireless testing is no longer the same issue as before. I'll save that for another blog because I could spend all day complaining about that subject. Moodle updates always seemed to cause a brand new issue with vendors and faculty too.

Overall, I appreciated my time using Moodle as it helped me to grow here and I very much welcome and have already been enjoying the advantages of Canvas. I look forward to seeing everyone using Canvas for a while. Hopefully for a very long time!


IDTE 556

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