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Gamification, Set, Match

Along with learning about the nuances of organizational leadership, we have also taken a quick dive into the world of gamification. Gamification allows you to use a game environment to show, teach and train. So all of those old tales where someone would say to me that "video games will rot your brain" can make you smarter? Depends on the game and purpose of course. I thought that it was fitting to write about this on the day where a young 16-year-old won a Fortnite tournament with a grand prize of $3 Million! Now, I've never played Fortnite but I've played my share of video games over the years through K-12, College, and my early 20's. While I was doing that in the evening, after class and after practice, during class we would have a few games depending on the class and the teacher. somewhere fun and enjoyable but they were far and few between. Nowadays, gamification has become more prevalent everywhere including the workplace. Studies have shown that it's more fun to play a game while learning. It makes sense to me. If I play a video game that helps you learn about assessments then I'm pretty sure that I'll be more likely to retain that information then just take a quiz or reading several pages and answering a few questions. If you're in the heat of competition and you're victorious or if you fail you'll be more likely to remember those moments. So if those moments are filled with asking a learning question then this will help you to remember the material.

On our 3rd assignment, we have the task of coming up with our own gamification game. I thought about using something like Kahoot! which is quick and fun to use, especially in a classroom environment. BUT I changed my mind and used a little VR with some gaming exploration. The link is below, it's call ID Adventures. You'll explore different parts of the world while answering questions about assessment terminology, you'll advance to a new world after 3 questions. Each level represents a cognitive level of Bloom's taxonomy. I hope that you enjoy!

Scene from ID Adventures - try it out and let me know what you think!

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