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Edit PDF's without Adobe Reader Pro

There are a few ways to edit PDF's without having to buy Adobe Reader Pro. Adobe Reader Pro or the licensed version of Adobe Reader DC is about $180 or $17-$18 monthly under the Adobe monthly license. However, you can edit for free using a free PDF tool online or you can actually edit PDF's using Word 2016. Now, I'm not talking about creating the document in word and saving as a PDF. I'm talking about opening the PDF in Word 2016, making edits and then saving it back to a PDF format. Many are not aware about this capability including myself until I read an article recently. Microsoft Word 2016 has a feature called "PDF reflow" that allows you to edit any PDF(except password protected read-only). I will demonstrate here...

First, open Microsoft Word 2016, and choose a PDF file to open.

Next, you will receive a prompt stating that you will be allowed to edit the PDF in Word but that there's a possibility that not everything will convert properly, which is a possibility but from what I've seen so far, it does a good job of handling text and images.

Word will now open with the ability to edit and make changes to the PDF.

After you have made all of your changes to the document, click File, then "Save as", then "Browse" and then in the "Save As" window, click on the drop-down arrow for the "Save as type" and select "PDF".

OR, you can click "File" then "Export" and then "Create PDF/XPS".

Before Saving, you must change the name by at least a letter or number because you're not allowed to save to the same document name.

Now, you're all set, this should come in handy so you don't have to purchase a full version of Adobe reader.


IDTE Fall 2018

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