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Catching my breath, Ready to go

Without a doubt, January was one of the toughest months for my family(see the last blog). We survived but I'm glad that February is here. I'm thankful for the instructors giving us a somewhat easy start to the spring semester so we can really catch our breaths because I was honestly tired. Now, that I've had time to regroup, it's time to get going again.

I'm a runner so this method is foreign to me as you're taught to never stop but maybe slow down to catch your breath. If you're running and you have to stop then that's not usually a good thing but I understand that a graduate program is a marathon, not a sprint. We have about 10 months left in the program so we're still in the first half. As I was typing that last sentence I felt like 10 months was short until I wrote that it was still the first half :)

All I can say is that I'm enjoying this semester so far and I've enjoyed catching my breath but I'm now having to wake up a little and really get into the content. I'm enjoying the use of Captivate right now and I'm looking forward to the final project!

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