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Bloom's Taxonomy - The Avengers Version

You're probably wondering about the title and what in the world does this have to do with the Avengers? During Jan Term, we were learning about Bloom's taxonomy, the revised version, and what it means. Now, we're learning how to align it with our objectives. I'm currently working on my Captivate project on How to use WebEx and my objectives are all set. I only have basically 3 objectives and they all fall under "Apply" which is still lower order thinking but they are highly necessary.

My objectives are as follows:

Upon completion of this project, the learner will be able to:

Demonstrate how to schedule a meeting through WebEx

Run a WebEx meeting.

Present the proper use of WebEx's four main meeting functions: audio settings, sharing host controls, sharing content, and sharing your video feed.

Now you're still wondering the real reason for the title. Why Avengers? Well, I'm a fan of the Marvel Comic movies and have seen the majority of them. Last year, I saw the Avenger's Infinity War which is why the theme came up. And, the latest Avenger's movie is coming out in theaters next week! If you've seen the Avenger's Infinity War or the Marvel comic movies, you'll know that there's this one guy(Thanos) who's after the ever so powerful Infinity stones. These are the most powerful items in the universe(s) and if one person gets a hole of all of the stones at once then they can become unstoppable. So for fun, I created a video about Bloom's Taxonomy relating the six levels of thinking to the six infinity stones. I hope that you enjoy!

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