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I used to give people this small conversion chart

I thought I would talk about file sizes this time. I get this question from time to time: "How do I know how big something is on my computer?" or "Is this a large file, how can I tell?" or "This says 124 MB, is that a lot?". There are certain limits and size limits depending on what you're trying to do on your computer. One of the common mistakes that I run into is when someone tries to email something to someone that is waaayyyy to large such as a video. Most email providers only allow 10 MB but if you don't even know what MB stands then you probably have no idea what's too long. This when I'll provide a conversion chart for those are emailing a lot of files and have always asked. It's pretty simple when you think about because we've all grown up learning about conversions with money, food, liquid, etc. We just haven't all learned about file sizes. I believe that should be added in school. It would be quick and easy. The other part that people should know is what time of files contain certain sizes? The chart below gives you an average file size of each type of file. Except for pictures which are anywhere from a few KB to a few MB depending on the size and quality.

Check out the 4k Movie file size yikes! I'm not downloading that!

Now, certain files like a PowerPoint will vary because they can contain images, videos, and audio so that can vary from 100 KB to as large as a few hundred MB. Other file types can vary. One way to check any files is the right-click or two finger click if you're using a mac and look at the properties. The file size is always available. Or if you're running low on space, begin to look at your various folders on your hard drive and check the properties for the folders and see what's taking up so much space. So, if you know how large glass of water holds then you should now think twice or at least check the file size before attempting to upload a large video as an email attachment!

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