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BigBlueButton in the Deep Blue Sea

Summer is here! One of the most challenging and intense semesters is now beginning. For our e-Learning course, we're creating a storyboard to use to create our "Absorb" project. An "Absorb" activity is used to motivate the learner about something that they're new to. It's created to get them excited about what they're about to learn or help advertise something new.

With that in mind, the IT in me decided to go with one product that's been sitting under our noses for a while. The BigBlueButton. If you look in our Canvas course, there is a "Conferences" selection that has rarely been used because most are busy using other products such as WebEx and Zoom. Well, I'm telling you that BBB is just as good in my opinion and you don't have to log into another system to schedule a meeting. You can do everything right there in your course and invite your students with a few clicks. The thing that I like the most about BBB is that it's all web-based AND what will be my favorite feature is the multi-user whiteboard. To me that's the best collaboration tool. There are student break out rooms as well. So I plan to hype up this product in the absorb activity and have some fun along the way. I'm going with a deep blue sea theme to show that there are other good web conferencing systems in the sea :) Stay tuned

Storyboard title page, rough draft...

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