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Being Tested

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

In our assessment course, we were given the task to create our own assessment and share the assessment with a peer that we were partnered with and to critique the assessment. The assessment was based on assessment terms. I'll admit that the beginning parts of developing an assessment were rather tough. First, we had to create a table of specifications which was probably the toughest part of the assignment. But before doing that you have to really sit down and learn the assessment terms and then come up with the appropriate learning objectives based on those terms. Once that I came up with the objectives then I was good to go. It didn't take long to decide the type of questions and how many questions per bloom's level. It did feel a little unusual to determine the question type and how many before creating any questions at all. It also didn't take long to come up with the actual questions because I did have several ideas in my head on what type of questions to create. I tried to mix it up a little bit with questions that had images and an audio question as well. I believe it was well received by my peer and vice versa as my peer create a very good assessment as well. This was the first time creating a test in about 10 years but this time I feel that I did it the right way.

With a little photo editing I was able to turn this into a question in the assessment test :)

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