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A Week with a Chromebook Part 2

Well, here's my final review on the well known Chromebook. Overall, I must say that I did enjoy using this product and I was pleasantly surprised! With that said If I had to choose between a Windows computer, MacBook and a Chromebook. I would still choose a windows computer but if I had to use a Chromebook I would not be disappointed at all. Here are some of the pros:

Battery life - the Battery life is amazing on this Chromebook! I've been using it for several days straight and believe me that it can last for several days. There are less background processes running which drain a battery life but that's not an issue with this device. It kind of reminds me of the battery life on an iPad but better.

Cost - The cost of a very powerful Chromebook with touchscreen capability will range anywhere from $350-$800. Most consumers will settle for the basic Chromebook which costs anywhere from $150-300 which is by far the cheapest computer versus Windows and Mac computers.

Security - SO FAR, because things can change as hackers develop viruses and find loopholes. This device does not have any known security issues as this time and comes with it's own built-in security from the Chromebook and Chrome browser. Meaning that you don't have to install something free or for a price like you would on a Windows computers and a Mac(yes, apple fans, Mac's can get viruses too :)). System upgrades are quick and easy, making you more likely to update the system because the reboot process only takes several seconds.

Fast boot up - It only takes seconds to boot up and log in. Much quicker than any device, the only device that's this fast is a smart phone and some of those take longer to boot up.

App availability - Even though, it's a Chromebook, you still have access to a lot of important productivity tools. Including the Office365 suite. You can use Powerpoint, Word, Excel as normal with a few less features but it does work well. Of course, there's the G suite and many other apps that are available as direct applications on your computer and not just web based. You can even use other web conference tools such as Webex, though the app functions like you're using a phone. There's enough flexibility for someone who is just doing work and needing to use all of the basic standard programs.

Offline: The Chromebook as I've discovered is not completely hopeless if you lose your internet connection. You CAN use the apps offline and still use a lot of the programs available to you. There is some offline storage as well, and there is a file system.


Screen size: One of my dislikes was with the standard 11inch screen size, it's a little too small for me and probably most consumers who need a "Work" computer. There are 13inch computers offered as well, but I prefer to go as large as 14 or 15inch.

RAM: the RAM memory helps with handling multiple programs and unfortunately, the Chromebook doesn't offer much but there are 2GB and 4GB offerings in most Chromebooks. My advice when purchasing a Chromebook, get the one with the most RAM. It will help in the longer run.

Compatibility: Even though you have access to just about everything that you need for productivity. There is a lack of compatibility and access for higher end programs and if you're at a university, you won't be able to use special testing software such as Examsoft or Remote proctor.

IN CLOSING: It's not a Windows computer, it's not a Macbook. But it CAN get the job done for you if you're needing it for work or school, as long as you don't need high end programs or special programs that ONLY work on Windows and Apple. If you're a fan of Google and use all of the google products than you'll definitely love and you'll love it if you only need to use web-based products. I'll stick to my windows and mac products but appreciate what Chromebooks have to offer. My advice, if you plan to buy one for work or school, check and make sure that you can run all of the programs that you need first. But at least you're not spending a lot of money, and you'll remain secure and you won't have to charge up as often. Enjoy

PS: This blog was written on the tested Chromebook itself :)




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