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Don't worry, no fury or broken hearts here. Even though, I've completed all of my assignments I just wanted to chat about using SCORM files. So what is SCORM? SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. Its a group of specs and rules for e-learning. SCORM can be packaged into a zip which allows it to be transferred into a Learning Management System(LMS). In my screencasting video, I added a couple of questions which then made the video "SCORM compliant" which makes the content compatible with LMS and platforms. In order to make the questions pop-up in my video and usable to the viewer, I had to save the video as a SCORM file or SCORM package which was a zip file. I could then upload the zip file to our LMS Canvas in my own course. However, our instructor suggested that I could use "SCORM Cloud", which is an online platform that allows you to upload e-learning content like SCORM packages. It's fairly easy to set up and share with a link as the invitation. It's a little easier to invite others and those outside of your organization than using a traditional LMS where you have to invite everyone to your courses like Moodle or Canvas. Though SCORM Cloud may seem like an open source platform it is not. The creators from Rustic Software do not appear to be the biggest fans of the open source given their article regarding open source software. I've created SCORM packages before for faculty needing help with certain authoring tools like Articulate or iSpring for Blackboard and Moodle but this was my first time using SCORM Cloud. I really did enjoy the process and it was very easy to create the SCORM file from Camtasia. The link to the screencasting video is in my portfolio and my blog post about the screencasting video. Adding questions can help with any video because it engages the viewer and forces them to stop and answer a few questions. With that said, I would advise that you pay attention when watching my screencasting video :)

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