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A Blast from the Past...

As I was scrolling through some old pictures from my cloud storage(Google Drive). I stumbled across this one which I posted about on Instagram one day. I have visited my parents who still live in the house that I grew up in and occasionally I'll dig through some of my old tech stuff from back in the day. I found this in my an old box and it shocked me because it still works! Unfortunately, I didn't have an available CD on hand but I did find an old CD in the house to test it out. I used this quite a bit just listening to music while I was studying or just hanging out. Even though it reads "Jog-proof" it was anything but "Jog-proof" BUT they contradicted their selves with the name because its impervious to jogging! All of those 30 second or 40-second buffers meant nothing when you're running. I used to walk around with the portable CD player but I would revert to the Walkman(cassette player) when I wanted to run or really work out. To summarize, I would run with the Walkman and walk with the "Jogproof", smh, times have changed thankfully.

At my age, I consider myself a "Xennial", which is between a Millennial and Generation X. This means that I grew up while technology was evolving to what it is today. I can say that I truly appreciate the evolution of working out with a Walkman(cassette player) and now working out with music easily accessed from my phone. My daughter has only seen one CD in her life and of course, she asked: "what is this thing, Daddy"? I plan on digging out some more stuff the next time that we visit my parents.

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