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Clean eating, clear mind

It's been a month since I've blogged but it's been an interesting month to say the least. I finished up the summer courses with a bang and completed an extra assignment in the process. I hope that I can use that extra assignment somewhere for the course building that I'm in now. It's called Wheel of Jeopardy which is located in my portfolio page. We had a nice two week break and then we were back at it with a course building project for are final course. We're now less than 3 months away and I've had other projects going on such as working off campus with someone on a upcoming e-learning module in the early 2020 months! Other than that I've just been working on my portfolio.

Last week, was my wife's birthday and before her birthday festivities, we both decided to set a date for eating better and we decided to eat clean starting today and for 30 days total. Day 1-3 are always the hardest but I feel that I handled day 1 pretty well today. We're not doing the "Whole 30" plan just eating clean. I will say from the start that I think that it's helping me to thinking clearer for the first day as I've been able to come home and catch up on some work. It's not a huge difference but I can tell a difference. I read an article that stated that clean eating means a clearer mind. It makes sense of course. If you eat healthy then you're bound to think better. I can't say that I had the best mood today of course as any diet will cause that. I hope that this helps because in the next few weeks we'll be really planning the next phases of the course build such as a test module and objectives. The real work is about to begin!

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